Short Fuse is a Rome-based hardcore band started in 2014. The band released its first demo “Till Death” (2014) and, after some line-up changes, recorded the EP “What Still Remains” at Hell Smell Recording Studio, released by Indelirium Records (2016). The band played all over Italy to promote the ep which has been followed by the full length album "Sink or Swim", recorded at Kick Studio and released - once again -  through Indelirium Records. Short Fuse went on tour and played in Spain, France, Portugal and Italy, sharing the stage with Comeback Kid, Madball, Gorilla Biscuits, Adolescents etc.

After the 2020 Portugal minitour, Gianni joined the band on drums and took part in the writing process of the second album "Embrace Yourself", recorded and produced by Alessio from Nero di Marte throughout summer 2021. 

With 2022 upon us, the band struck a deal with New Age Records in America and the stage was set for “Embrace Yourself” to hit the streets in the fall this year.

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