No Other Way is a band of intention. Some could say straight edge hardcore in the contemporary scene is vague, passive, or uninspired; No Other Way seeks to exist in opposition to this. When people don’t want to emblazon their convictions on their sleeve, this Richmond outfit does just the opposite. From the first note of any of their impassioned songs, you know what you’re getting. Be it anthems of disdain for those that have fallen away from the scene, pride in one’s actions towards a better life, or taking a stand for veganism; No Other Way embodies classic hardcore in spirit and in sound. A life free from substance, a life free from the pain of taking innocent life, there’s simply No Other Way.

No Other Way has just released a limited 3 song tape along with a special t-shirt while putting the finishing touches on "Some Things Never Change", 7 new songs headed to you later this year.

50 on lime green (available here while supplies last)
50 on black (band copies)
50 on pastel blue (stores)

Dewey Zei - Vocals
Jamie Davis - Drums
Charlotte Mooney - Guitar
Brett Cooper -Bass

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