Moral Law is a vegan straight edge metalcore band from Denver, Colorado. After some changes in their lineup, the band released their self-titled EP in 2019, followed up by a split release in 2020. Moral Law draws inspiration from the edge-metal bands of both the 90’s and of recent years. After experimenting with message and approach, the band has crafted their own raw and emotionally complex take on a style that has greatly influenced them all as both individuals and musicians.

"We are more than excited to be working with New Age Records, a label that has put out some of our favorite releases and are honored to be amongst such great company. Looking forward to everything to come" - Alex

The band finished recording their debut LP "The Looming End" in December 2021 and hit the road for a west coast tour May of '22. Moral Law's LP hits stores this summer. Pre orders start May 13th.

Moral Law Is:
Alex Morales - vocals
Ed Ma - bass
Shane Burdette - guitar
Owen Pishna - guitar
Xavier Contreras - drums

Photo by Chris Carrera