Photo by Lili Vagi

Escalate is a vegan straight edge hardcore band out of Hungary, formed in 2020. They are the first and only fully vegan straight edge band in the country’s history. Their goal was to bring radical vegan and leftist ideas to the scene. The band is inspired by the political XVX bands of the 90s and early 2000s just as much as current heavy hardcore sound.

When the pandemic restrictions got lifted, Escalate started to play around Hungary and the neighboring countries. In three years span they managed to release a demo tape, a 7” EP called The Damage Is Done and their songs were featured on two international straight edge compilations. They finished five tours across ten European countries.

In 2024 Escalate is ready to take the next step and show the world so far their best and most mature record in collaboration with New Age Records. The band’s first full length is titled “Consequences” and contains 8 blistering tracks mastered by Scott Crouse.

Demo 2020
The Damage Is Done EP
V/A Straight Edge And Proud
Consequences LP

Escalate loves:
The Straight Edge
Animal rights
Human rights
Earth liberation
Heavy riffs
Ignorant mosh

Escalate hates:
All forms of oppression