This band is a simple case of five dominant forces in California hard music coming together after 3 decades to press their will and lash out.
The late 80’s and early 90’s saw a reconfiguration of hardcore and punk rock. Bands like A Chorus of Disapproval and Mean Season set to weave a thick fabric of metal into the dangerously threadbare modern punk. Bands like Outspoken and Amendment Eighteen (A.18) set to add emotion, understanding, and poetry to the same time. Those goals and accomplishments were met with such success and pride, so widely documented, that it is now considered the standard; the setting of the bar so to speak.

The knock down to the set up came in the late 90’s and throughout the 2000’s with a harder even more metal influenced new breed of bands. Adamantium and Throwdown led this charge in many aspects. Crushing down-tuned riffs, dance floor friendly breakdowns, set to insightful and intelligent lyrics. The coming of bands like this ushered in a new era of hard. A new caliber of musicianship was born. This new incarnation of hardcore-punk became the giant, standing bravely and protective over the old guard with a fierce confidence.


Fast way forward to 2016 when five members of the various above bands met in a Fountain Valley rehearsal studio to try on a new suit. Isaac Golub, vocals (A Chorus of Disapproval, A.18). Mike Hartsfield, guitar (Outspoken, Strife). Matt Horwitz, drums (Adamantium). Marc Jackson (Throwdown). Brian Manry, guitar (Mean Season). In the span of a couple of hours, the as of yet unnamed rabble had 3 songs in the can. Tight fast driving metal influenced hardcore coupled with dark and desperate well worded poetic threats.

A line up change in late 2018 brought in Jae Hansel (Outspoken/Last Light) on bass.

With a feverish intensity, unbridled fury, and a hands dirty hard working DIY ethic, Dear Furious have picked from the mud a fallen flag and fully intend on running with it.

Dear Furious met with producer/engineer Paul Miner and recorded 2 new songs for the EP "One Stone Two Birds available now on all digital platforms.
Isaac Golub : Vocals
Brian Manry : Guitar
Matt Horwitz : Drums
Jae Hansel : Bass
Mike Hartsfield : Guitar