The Darasuum story begins back in the late '00s in Riverside, CA. Formed out of the ashes of Showcase Theatre staples, xBound in Bloodx, the metallic hardcore band was on a roll right out of the gates via a well-received demo that led to a deal with Mediaskare Records imprint, Rite of Passage.

After releasing their Bite Back EP in 2011, Darasuum went out on tour, playing shows with such bands as Xibalba, Merauder, and Stick to Your Guns. A couple of years later, the group entered the studio with Dan Bieranowski (Pressure Cracks, Scars of Tomorrow) to work on an EP entitled The Angry Brigade.

A series of membership changes and financial setbacks put everything on ice and Darasuum decided to take an unannounced hiatus.

The break took longer than expected, but Darasuum is back with a new lineup who finished work on The Angry Brigade EP. Listen to a track called "Death of Me" below to check out why these guys decided to awaken the beast

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