Crow Killer hails from a music scene that has been shrouded in mystery. A scene that has become a sleeper town in terms of talent and emotion. 

“Salt Lake City has always had a unique style of hardcore mixing the power of heaviness and the cutting edge of metal,” says Crow Killer frontman, Blake Foard. “Crow Killer rose from the ashes of Aftermath of a Trainwreck, Cool Your Jets, and Close Grip.”

Like many great unions, Crow Killer, unfortunately, came about because of a tragedy. The band originally started to develop only months after Close Grip’s singer, Brad Hancock, was shot and killed outside of a concert in Salt Lake. This rocked not only the local community but affected the hardcore community worldwide. 

Josh Nemcek and Blake Foard started writing music with a few different drummers. Eventually, they came up with a song that would be the first track on their EP, “Becoming an Object of Fear” from Glory Kid records. The band went on the back burner due to not finding the right members. A year later Crow Killer finally formed when Tyler from Aftermath and Mike from Close Grip joined forces to make a four piece band. Still unsure of the direction Crow Killer would take, the band picked up Elliot McDaniel on bass so Blake would focus on vocals.

With an EP out after only 3 shows, including playing the annual “For The Children Fest” in Los Angeles, Crow Killer has not looked back or slowed down. This is Hardcore Fest (2017) Marked their 15th show. With emotionally charged downtuning “stompcore”, and scathing to growly vocals,  Crow Killer wants to send chills up and down your spine. With lyrics ranging from personal struggles with depression to fighting those that seek to hold you down, Crow Killer is positioning themselves to be a voice championing hardcore underdogs.

McDaniel was later replaced by Matt Loyd and this put the pieces perfectly in place for the forthcoming full length release. Crow Killer began recording their debut LP in the winter of 2019. “Enslaved To One” hit the streets Summer 2020.