A simple well placed phrase can change a persons life when uttered at precisely the right time. Now imagine this phrase repeated over and over to a mischievous artful child like a metronome, “If you’re going to act like that you had better get on the stage!” This was the go-to phrase The Count’s old world Romanian grandmother used when scolding the young gregarious scamp.

“The Count weaves dangerous tales over serrated rhythms for your enjoyment” -Chaka Malik (Burn/Ghost Decibels/ Orange 9mm)

Violin prodigy at 11, playing to sold out audiences at The Ambassador Auditorium. First punk band formed at 13, playing various talent shows and backyard parties. Not much later he formed 2 of California’s premier  Straightedge bands, A Chorus of Disapproval and Amendment 18. All this, and before the age 30.

“This OG pioneer has done it once more! Paving your way yet again!!!”- Roy Lozano (Powerflo, Downset)

“Intense, hard hitting, one of the most creative things to come out of the hardcore scene in a very long time... It totally took me by surprise!”- Greg Bennick (Trial, Bystander)

An innovator, a poet, a rebel, and provocateur by nature, Isaac has not strayed too far from the formula in this solo offering. Count Catastrophic is the alter ego of musician and artist Isaac Golub. The Multi-Platinum Selling Debut Album by Count Catastrophic creeps from the dark recesses of a tortured man’s mind, dragging you into his psyche willingly or not. Arranged, written, performed (with the exception of a few friends), and produced by The Count himself in this 10 song long player. The Count teams up with hardcore staple New Age Records (NA73). Staying purposefully embedded in hardcore and willingly way under the underground, Count Catastrophic lyrically destroys all that he loves one torturous victim at a time. With moments of playfulness and overtly campy overtones this album is not only thought provoking, it will make you question whois following you home at night and watching you sleep. Purposeful imagery, talented yet brutal lyricism with the delivery of a murderer on a killing spree, Count Catastrophic has emerged from the casket of his own mind to sink his fangs into the rap jugular.
-Mike Wright