Safe and Sound Sign with New Age Records

New Age Records is excited to announce that Seattle, Washington’s Safe and Sound has joined the New Age Records family and are currently working on a follow up to their “Embers Still Remain” EP (2016). The 7” titled “Ashes Lie and Wait” is due to be released this summer on New Age Records.

Safe and Sound formed in 2012 when a group of young straight edge kids that wanted to play “Youth Crew/Early 2000’s"-influenced hardcore. The band played at Rainiest in 2013 and since then, Safe and Sound has toured the west coast of the U.S., Texas as well as Western Canada. In 2014, they released their first 7” record titled “The Tides”. In 2016, they released their second 7” record “Embers Still Remain” and a music video for their song “Dream”. 

Safe and Sound caught the eyes and ears of New Age Records staff at the “Standing Hard” fest 2016 and the gears were set in motion to work together.




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